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My new book Modern Mending launches in Australia on 11 February 2020 but you can preorder it now (international shipping available).

I'm organising a few workshops and events to coincide with the book launch; sign up to my mailing list for updates.

19 Jan 2020: I'll be at Darebin Repair Cafe, helping you learn to mend your own clothes.

11 Feb 2020: Modern Mending the book launches in Australian stores, and (my online shop selling mendy supplies) launches too!

Mendfulness, Slow magazine, Autumn 2017

14 Feb 2020: I'll be out the front of Readings Carlton with my mendy friends for a public mendalong - aka visible visible mending - as part of the National Sustainable Living Festival 2020. Get a signed copy of my book, bring your worn-out clothes for advice, and chat with other menders.

Bright Sparks

In 2014 I founded Bright Sparks, a not-for-profit social enterprise that reused and repaired small appliances to keep them out of landfill, and was the managing director from 2014-2019 Read our story.

Bright Sparks HQ

Communication specialist

I have 20 years of journalism experience, most recently as editor of Slow magazine.

I produce nice words, photographs, videos, newsletters, social media posts, websites and brochures for corporates and not-for-profits, but my best trick is editing other people's content and making it sparkle.

View my CV here and some of my handiwork here:

Mendfulness, Slow magazine, Autumn 2017

Writing + photography: Modern MendingWriting: Lessons from Bright SparksWriting: Mendfulness, Slow magazineVideo production: Puppets for ChangeWebsite content + menu design: Moon Rabbit café

Mender extraordinaire

I've been making and mending clothes since childhood. I'm passionate about visible mending — beautiful, colourful repairs that start conversations about our relationship with stuff — and making things better than new.

Follow me on Instagram to see new mending commissions, or search for #remadebyELF to see previous examples.

Read more about my mending practice:
Slowing down fast fashion, The Age / Sydney Morning Herald / Brisbane TimesNot too shabby: what will it take to make secondhand clothes mainstream?, The GuardianShop less, mend more: making more sustainable fashion choices, The GuardianThe rise of the tinkerers: how DIY activists are making their own way, The AgeThe new share market: introducing the new share and repair movement, RoyalAuto magazineMeet the Re-Maker, Jake + MayaVisible Mending, Renew magazineHandle With Care 2018 exhibition catalogUnmaking Waste 2018 exhibition catalog
Commissions: I'm fully booked and not accepting new mending commissions at the moment. But I'd love to teach you how to mend your clothes in my mending masterclass (see "Workshops" below).

Community: I volunteer at Darebin Repair Cafe a few times a year, offering free mending advice and guidance to help you get started. And my Facebook group Modern Mending Club is a great way to crowdsource mending advice and get some mend-spiration.

Workshops: I teach mending workshops in Melbourne and occasionally elsewhere in Australia. View my schedule to see what's coming up, subscribe to my mailing list to hear about new workshops first, or get in touch if you'd like me to teach in your town.


"Erin’s mending masterclass was absolutely inspiring. From someone who is technically already a professional mender, working in alterations, I learnt so much! We delved into many creative and modern mending techniques I hadn’t tried before. The classes were well structured and easily adaptable to all different skill levels. I fell even deeper in love with mending as a creative way forward for sustainable fashion. Thanks Erin!"
--Tali, 2019 mending masterclass student

"It has been so rewarding to breathe new life and creativity into my clothes. I've fixed ripped jeans, patched my jacket and finally learned to darn socks. Now I see moth holes as opportunities for visible mending art projects, and old favourites that I thought were just rags are now back in active use. Erin leaves you with the confidence, skills and inspiration to tackle your mending pile and the techniques are so straightforward that I've already passed them on to friends and family. Your wallet and the environment will thank you - you can't afford not to do this course!"
--Kat, 2019 mending masterclass student

"The Bridge’s mending course is fantastic. I learnt loads of new mending skills (plus some good sewing tips) and had fun doing it. Erin’s a very engaging presenter who explains things well and is generous with sharing both her expertise and her mending supplies too. The group doing the course together were lovely, so supportive and encouraging."
--Claire O, 2019 mending masterclass student

"I really enjoyed and recommend the mending course. Erin is a wealth of knowledge and generous in sharing her tips and tricks, along with other resources from great books to mending supplies and tools. Lots of inspiration too with the beautiful mending samples Erin brought in to share."
--Claire L, 2019 mending masterclass student

"Thank you so much for an incredible class! I am so inspired and have already volunteered (eek!) to mend some friends' clothes. I am also planning to start a group in the New Year that meets once a month to make, create and share our knowledge on mending, crafts, making :)"
--2018 mending masterclass student

"I loved this course. It gave me lots of techniques and inspiration for mending clothes in a creative and practical way."
--2018 mending masterclass student

"The course was really well balanced and certainly delivered on its description, I definitely feel I could/can mend my own clothes - now just to find the time. Erin was a great teacher and helped develop a great group dynamic. Thanks for the new skills. The course was also excellent value."
--2018 mending masterclass student

"Erin was very generous with her time and knowledge. It was great to hear about her philosophy, experiences, and see examples of her work. She was also excellent at encouraging everyone's projects."
--2018 mending masterclass student

"Erin has a wonderful positive approach and makes everyone feel like they can achieve."
--2018 mending masterclass student

"A massive THANK YOU for helping make our first Sustainable Fashion Week event a success. The ladies who attended your workshop have got in contact with me to say how much they absolutely loved it and were so excited to learn these new skills. I am personally so into the felting now, I can’t wait to decorate my jumper with all the dots! It was such a great workshop and I wanted to thank you for all your hard work getting it organised. You were so professional, so organised and it has been a pleasure to have you as a part of this event."
--Louise Salt, Engagement Officer, Grampians Central Western Waste and Resource Recovery Group

Tiny-art enthusiast

I love to make dioramas in my magic letterbox from Blue Bower. New scenes appear every month or so and are featured on my Instagram account with the hashtag #magicletterbox23.

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